Butler County Fair brings back “Kids’ Day”


The Butler County Fair revived Kids’ Day.

The Butler County Fair is a fall tradition in Greenville. People of all ages come out for the food, rides and competitions. The fair is hosted by the Kiwanis Club every year, and club officials decided to bring back a special tradition this year: Kids’ Day.

In the past, Butler County schools would cancel classes on the fair’s opening day and most businesses would close early to give families a chance to have a fun day at the fair. Interest in Kids’ Day dropped off after a while, and both the school system and Kiwanis Club decided to end the event decades ago. But this year, Kids’ Day is back.

“Kids’ Day, we felt like it was important to start getting back to, quote, older days,” said fair manager Eddie Pope. “And ah, you know, everything should be more about the kids.”

Kids were out of school and got in free at the fair from 1 to 5 p.m. Pope also said he and the other Kiwanis Club members hope to continue the tradition of Kids’ Day next year, and the years after.

The Butler County Fair runs until Saturday.

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