Alexander City runoff race for mayor

UPDATE: Jim Nabors defeats current mayor Charles Shaw in the runoff race.  Nabors received 73.2% of the vote to Shaw’s 26.8%.

The mayoral election in Alexander City has gone to a runoff race between Mayor Charles Shaw, the incumbent, and Jim Nabors.

Poll workers at a polling location in District 3 tell Alabama News Network that they’ve seen about the same number of votes as on the regular election day.  They expect more people to show up as they get off work.

Some voters say the campaign has taken a negative turn and they are hoping for a positive outcome.

“It’s an embarrassing situation.  We’ve been on the news a lot and its not all good,” explained voter Debra Haynie, “this is a great town, I was born and raised here and I want it to remain a great town and even get better.”

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