47 Alabama counties under fire alert

wildfireThe State Forestry Commission issued a Fire Alert for many counties in Alabama. The alert is a result of a severe drought across the state caused by a lack of precipitation early in the year. The Foresters reported Tuesday that Alabama experienced 265 fires statewide that burned 2,300 acres.

While the Fire Alert doesn’t mean residents need to stop backyard bonfires anytime soon, if State Foresters decide the threat is severe enough they will issue a Drought Emergency. The Drought Emergency means there will be no flames allowed anywhere in the state, for private or public use.

“What the Drought Emergency, that bans all outdoor burning and all open flames, that’s anything from fireworks to campfires, anything that will allow a fire to begin and start wildfires. Any open flames will be banned at that point,” said Fire Operations Chief Balsie Butler.

Foresters said they are considering issuing that Drought Emergency later on in the week.

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