Georgiana Police Chief resigns, officers walk-off the job

The city of Georgiana was without the majority of their police force Monday.  This comes after their police chief resigned over disagreements with the mayor.


Former police chief David Scruggs says the issue comes from years of disagreements and that it all boiled over in what he calls a “heated argument” at a football game Friday night.

“It’s built up for the last three years, yes it has,” he explained, “I mean when you’ve got officers trying to do their jobs, you know the differences is this comes about, about this person, you know then there is a problem.”

For now the Butler County Sheriff’s Office has two deputies assisting in patrolling in Georgiana until the issue is resolved.

Scruggs says he will not return to the department unless big changes are made and he thinks his officers would say the same.

Alabama News Network made multiple attempts to talk to Mayor Jerome Antone Monday but he did not have any comment.

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