Trump supporters, protesters clash at downtown rally

The Trump-Pence bus made a stop in downtown Montgomery Tuesday evening.  It was part of a rally held by the Montgomery County GOP.


Alabama Trump Campaign Chair, Perry Hooper Jr., spoke at the rally and says this election may come down to the swing states.

“Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina,” he explained, “if he wins three out of those four states, Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States.

Not everyone at the rally supported Trump  though.  A group of Alabama State University students came to peacefully protest.  Shaquiall Felder was one of the protesters and explained why he turned out.

“The hate that Donald Trump is pushing,” Felder said, “islamaphobia, homophobia racism, we just don’t stand for it.”

The group of protestors was moved across the street by law enforcement during the rally.

Event organizers say close to 200 people came out to support Donald Trump.

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