AUM SGA President Upset with University Response to Alleged Sexual Assault

AUM_Tower_slogan_PMS172_BLKAn email sent to students from school official at Auburn Montgomery following allegations of a sexual assault on campus  has many students upset.

The AUM Police Department is investigating the alleged sexual assault that happened in a female student’s dorm room October 21st.   The university’s comments were included in a public safety email sent to the student body.  In that email, they also included Dating Safety Tips.

Student Body President Ethan Gregory says he’s disappointed with the university’s response, especially when it comes to the dating tips.
He believes they place the blame on the victim.

“I have had an outpouring of support from students on this campus including sexual assault victims that have spoken out through Facebook messages and through text messages and through calls, saying that this action by the university needs to be apologized for and that it’s not okay.  There is a conversation that we need to have about rape culture and about sexual assault on campuses across this state and nation,” Gregory told Alabama News Network.

He is asking for the university to retract their comments and to publicly apologize.

However, AUM officials released the following statement in response to those demands.

“We take allegations of sexual assault seriously. When we receive such reports, we take immediate steps to provide safety and support for the person reporting the assault and to provide notification and education to the campus community about these serious issues, including how to protect themselves. We value our ongoing collaboration and constructive dialog with our campus community and always use it as an opportunity to revisit our processes and to demonstrate our commitment to providing a healthy living and learning environment.”

The student who reported the sexual assault is not pressing charges at this time.

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