Local teacher recovers from serious accident, prepares for NYC Marathon

A local teacher is preparing to run the New York City marathon November 6th. This comes after she was hit by a truck and seriously injured earlier this year.


Lori Riggles was running near her house in Ramer April 17th, when she was hit. She was unconscious for five days.  She suffered brain trauma, a partially broken back, a broken pelvis and numerous other fractures on the right side of her body.

“I was not expected to live,” she explained.

Not only did she live, but she didn’t let her injuries keep her from running her first marathon.  After being in the hospital for a month she began cognitive, occupational and physical therapy.

“I realized at that point that I couldn’t tie my shoe on my own, my muscles didn’t work right because they were healing so it was a huge process for the recovery,” she shared, “I had to relearn everything.”

After months of recovery and training she is ready to run the marathon.

“It’ll be amazing because I really did not expect to be there,” Riggles shared.

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