Alabama National Fair gets social


The Alabama National Fair is employing social media to draw in a younger crowd.

The Alabama National Fair is steeped in tradition. Even in its 63rd year, the fair still holds livestock judging competitions that date back to its beginning, plus the traditional fair food and rides.

The fair is organized by the Montgomery Kiwanis Club. While they do enjoy the tradition of the fair, organizers say they also know it’s the new events that bring in big crowds. The new events include Sandscapes, a giant sand sculpture that is added onto every day; the Timberworks Lumberjack Competition; Team Rock, a Ninja Experience; and new foods like cheese curds.

The biggest changes fair organizers made for the 2016 year are the way they reach out to fair-goers. Fair President Rush Stallings said it’s the goal this year to attract a younger generation.

“When I was your age, we came back from college… Even if the girls we were dating hadn’t been to Montgomery, we’d come back to the fair. It was a big deal! To come to the fair!” Stallings said. “And that’s why we’re trying to connect to the younger generation, and let them know, you know this is a fun thing to do!”

So to draw in that younger crowd, the Kiwanis Club teamed up with several students from Auburn University Agriculture Department to promote the fair on social media. The Alabama National Fair has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, all ran by student interns.

“We have seven interns that are coming to the fair, and they’re doing things with social media that our older generation is not as familiar with,” he added. “And it’s really opened up doors for us to communicate with younger people.”

The fair even has a hashtag fair-goers can use on their posts, #alabamanationalfair. The fair opens at different times during the week and has a different theme or event going on, for a complete list of the schedule you can check out the Alabama National Fair’s website.

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