Highland Gardens Park gets generous donation for renovations


Highland Gardens Park got a grant for some renovations Wednesday morning.

HandsOn River Region Program is teaming up with city local officals, non-profit organizations, the school system, and the county to renovate areas in North Montgomery. The volunteers are putting in long hours to rebuild the Chisholm, Highland Gardens, North Pass, King Hall, Boylston, and Garden Square communities.

Ken Ward is spearheading most of the projects and accepted a grant from Alabama Power Wednesday morning that will be set aside to beautify the Highland Gardnes Park.

“I really think that this is a great way to help aid in bringing this area back to live and making the quality of life for people in this area just, better,” said Ward. “For not only the families, but also for all the individuals that live in this community.”

The money will be used to add trees and flowers in the park, along the new walking trail Ward and his group added. There will be a scheduled community work day at the park on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

“I believe that all residents of Montgomery deserve to live in a safe, clean and vibrant neighborhood,” Ward added. “And I believe that by doing this we’re helping to just further emphasize that mission and to make sure that all residents of Montgomery have a great place that they can call home.”

To donate money or time to Ward’s projects, you can call him at (334) 391-8146 or send him an email at williamkward97@gmail.com.

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