Are There Any Turkeys Left for Thanksgiving?


Only a few days left to get your Thanksgiving turkey!

The Bates House of Turkey‘s phone hasn’t stopped ringing since the beginning of November. Owner and Manager Becky Sloane says people are calling to try and order a turkey before Thanksgiving, and some will still be calling for a bird right up until the day before the holiday.

“People kind of wait till the last minute,” she says. “It kind of creeps up on them, ‘Oh my goodness! Thanksgiving’s here!'”

Bates Turkey Farm starts harvesting the birds in September to prepare for the holiday rush. Even then, Sloane always anticpates running out of a few favorites.

“I would say our fresh, oven-ready turkeys that we have, because you know we only save so many of those every year for the fresh turkeys,” she says about the best sellers. “And pretty much gonna sell out of those. We may have some Toms left, but that’s going to basically be about it.”

Those looking to skip the pressure of making the entire Thanksgiving meal can also call on Bates for help. The restaurant offers a selection of frozen foods anyone can buy, from vegetable dishes, desserts, soups, and of course the turkey. Those can be purchsed separately or as a part of the Full Thanksgiving Meal offer. All you have to do is call in and order the meal, then come pick it up.

“We try to make it so this is your one stop place to get your Thanksgiving. Take all the headache out for you. So you can enjoy the day with your family,” says Sloane.

While Bates House of Turkey still has plenty of birds right now, employees advise those without a turkey to hurry and get one. The restaurant will be open until Wednesday at 6 p.m., and will not be open on Thanksgiving Day.