Hope’s Miraculous Road to Recovery

Surveillance video captured the moment when Hope the Rottweiler was left in front of the Bullock County Humane Society.  The video shows a man dragging the dog out of his truck and leaving her in the parking lot.


Hope was left at the Humane Society with very serious injuries.  She had hundreds of bite wounds and was unable to move.  The Shelter Manager rushed Hope to Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital in Montgomery.

“When she first got here we didn’t expect her to survive, she couldn’t lift her head,” explained Dr. Jessica Loch, “we thought potentially she had a broken neck, she had probably multiple broken bones, turns out she didn’t.”

Dr. Loch says she suspects dog fighting as the cause for these injuries.

“Either she’s a bait dog or she was being trained to be a dog fighter,” she shared.

Shelter Manager Jennifer Gallagher wonders if this is part of a bigger problem.

“Was this dog purposely fought and if so, how big is that arena?” she asked.

The Union Springs Police Department investigated the incident and the man who dropped Hope off is not facing any charges.  They say they have no evidence pointing towards any dog fighting operation.

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