Shoppers Ecouraged to Shop Locally During the Holiday Shopping Season


Shoppers are encouraged to shop locally during the holidays to support small businesses.

With Black Friday right around the corner, shoppers are getting ready to head to their favorite stores and shop for great gifts at great prices. But they shouldn’t forget to shop at their favorite small businesses in their home town.

Chae Brown is one of those small business owners who benefits from local shoppers during the holidays. She owns three stores in downtown Greenville: Blush Beauty Boutique, Southern Mint Boutique, and her newest store True South.

She knows she can’t compete with the sale prices of the big name stores, but doesn’t think shoppers should avoid her store on Black Friday. In fact, she says her stores can offer something special to customers.

“For us being a small business, I know most of our customers,” she says. “I think we develop a relationship and I get to know their likes, their style, their taste, or you know, whoever they might be shopping for. So hopefully we can offer that personal touch for all their holiday shopping needs.”

She says her stores may actually lose money with these sales, but the traffic coming in and out is invaluable. Her idea is that people see the low prices and come in to check out the store, then want to come back and shop again later.

Even though her business is small, Brown says it shouldn’t be overlooked.

“I guess that’s one of the big struggles, is trying to get somebody to come in just that one time,” she says. “Give us a chance! Maybe we don’t have what you’re looking for, but then maybe we have that perfect item for you or that gift.”

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