Prattville Police Step Up Patrols For Holiday Safety

shoppingsafetyAs shoppers rush out to finish off their Christmas lists, police say you need to be vigilant.

Authorities say you are most vulnerable when you are walking back to your car with all of your gifts.

But Lt. Ray Wagner says Prattville Police are working to make sure every shopper is safe.

“We’ve one, beefed up patrols in all our parking lots. We have marked, as well as unmarked units in our parking lots. And we have the command post set up here at the Target parking lot. We have something else set up over at the Walmart parking lot.”

The command center has cameras and radios to help keep an eye on the busy areas.

They’re out there 24/7, and people are definitely paying attention.

“I have noticed this Prattville Walmart has the police tower which i feel pretty good about. I do see a lot of police on the streets,” said Halee Vaughn.

Prattville Police say they have already seen a small spike in crime over the holidays.

While there are more police keeping a watch, Lt. Wagner says there are still precautions you should take when you’re out and about.

“Use all the safety precautions. When you leave stores, please have your key fob ready to unlock your car. Travel in pairs. Be aware of your surroundings. Females, travel in teams if you will,” said Wagner.

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