Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays


Freddie waits on his check up with the other pets. Doctors are asking pet owners to watch their animals closely during the holiday season.

The tinsel and holly hanging around the home can be beautiful, but also dangerous to the four-legged family members. Vets advise watching pets closely during this time, because they say cats love playing with the shiny ornaments hanging on the tree and dogs can’t wait to snack on the sweet treats on the tables.

Veterinarians at the Clay Hill Animal Clinic in Greenville say they see a huge spike in emergency calls during the Christmas Season.

Head Vet Josh Gardner says a lot of calls concern family animals fighting.

“Somebody comes in for the holidays, they bring their dog with them and they bring them into the house and put their dog in with a dog it’s never been with before, and then on Christmas morning we end up seeing them for a dog fight,” he says.

He says visiting family members who bring new pets into the home need to make sure they give all animals enough time to get used to each other. He also advises that dogs and cats that just met should not be left alone.

The biggest issue Gardner deals with every year is pets eating something they shouldn’t. Whether it be chewing on the decor or stealing bites of food from the Christmas dinner table, if it’s not meant for a pet to eat then it’s not safe.

“Turkey, dressing, ham, all those good foods that are around during the holidays are not safe for our pets,” says Gardner. “So that’s probably what we see the most of. Ham bones, things like that that people think are okay to give to their dog, most dogs may get away with it but we see the ones that don’t.”

Clay Hill Animal Clinic is closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and December 26th. There will be a contact number available for emergencies. Gardner advises checking in with your vet to see what emergency services they provide during the holidays.

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