Chantilly Parkway Construction Frustrates Drivers

As the Alabama Department of Transportation enters the sixth month of construction on Chantilly Parkway, many drivers are now describing it as a traffic headache.

chantilly sept6

The goals of the project are to improve traffic safety and reduce congestion.

Drivers, though, have mixed opinions on the project.

“I think it’s something great, the city has needed to do this for awhile, I’m sure it causes a lot of accidents,” explained Hope Rainey.

But Deana Hooks disagrees, “it’s horrible, because when you’re trying to get off the interstate first of all all the bumps, we hit around three bumps coming around the curve right here.”

DOT officials say the majority of the project will be completed by the end of the year and that some minor final touches will be completed in 2017.

Some of the changes include:

-Adding a second left turn lane from Technacenter Drive onto Atlanta Highway
-Extending length of the lane of traffic queuing to turn left to enter I-85 South
-Adding a service road from Burger King to Alabama Highway 126
-Adding a protected U-turn under signalization (indirect left) at Eastchase Parkway

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