Higher Gas Taxes in 2017?

Starting the 1st of the year, 9 states will see changes in their gas taxes, and more than a dozen other states will look at possibly doing the same. Georgia and Florida are among the 7 states that can expect to see higher prices at the pump. But as for Alabama, there has been no word of higher gas taxes in 2017.

When asked if he thought that Alabamians would vote for  higher gas taxes, Representative Thad Mcclammy of Montgomery  said  “I think if it were to pass that would be the only way, I think if it was actually put on the ballot, and then that way they couldn’t say..”well the legislature put this on us”.

The legislature, has not raised gas taxes since 1992 and several patrons at Entec gas station are hoping that it stays that way.

Joe Purnell says “the taxes that we have on gas right now is also regressive so yes, I prefer no taxes on gas right now”

“I’m glad that we’re not but its kinda unfortunate that others are seeing a tax that’s probably not going to go to improve anything” says William Funderburg.

They say that the only way that they would approve of a higher gas tax is if they could be certain that it was going towards much needed improvements but they are not convinced that that will happen.

“The question is, is it beneficial or not? Is it true they are going to take care of what we need…obviously we need better roads but at this time i’m not sure that it would be something that would truly benefit us.” says Lance Lee

William Funderburg  also says “I mean look at our roads our roads are just pathetic” An increase in taxes? If it was dedicated and delegated for that one thing to just repair roads, they find a hundred other things to do with our taxes right now and so they’re never gonna delegate it for one thing so… no”.

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