Several Butler County Roads, Bridges Still Flooded from Recent Storms


Garland Rod. in Butler County is impassable due to heavy flooding.

Storms moving across South Alabama left some Butler County roads and bridges flooded. Butler County officials recorded between seven and ten inches of rain from two days of storms.

“We were fortunate, we didn’t have tornadoes touch down, we didn’t have anybody injured or… So we were fortunate is was just rain,” said Butler County EMA Director Shirley Sandy.

Even though the rain is over, the effects from the storm can still cause damage. Flooded roads often deceive drivers; what looks like a few inches of flowing water can actually be several feet. Butler County Engineer Dennis McCall says if you can avoid these flooded roads, you should.

“It’s not just simply stalling out because the water gets too deep,” he says. “You could get swept away, and you can imagine, in that type of situation you can find yourself in a lot of debris and unable to exit the vehicle.”

McCall says his focus right now is keeping Butler County residents safe and looking for new ways to keep the roadways clear in the future. He and his crew can’t do much, however, until the water is gone.

“We’ve got crews that are inspecting all the roadways now, as the water recedes we’ve got a lot of bridge inspections to do,” he adds. “A lot more detailed inspections to really get an estimate of the extent of the damage we have.”

Butler County EMA released a list of the roads and bridges impacted by the storms:

  • Garland Road/County Road 8 – impassable with water over the road.
  • Ashley Road/County Road 8 – impassable with water over the road.
  • Cooks Bridge – impassable with water over the road.
  • Whittle Bridge – Bridge Closed. Rehabilitation required. Estimated time of closure – indefinite
  • Bowden Bridge – Reduction of posted weight limit to 15 tons.
  • Tulip Road – Bridge Closed. Will require total replacement of structure. Estimated time of closure – six months.
  • Duck Creek Bridge – Reduction of posted weight limit to six tons.
  • Mill Street – impassable with water over the road.
  • Hank Williams Road – impassable with water over the road.


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