Rock the Vote Takes Stand Against Senator Jeff Sessions

Rock The Vote is taking a stand against Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General and they’ve now started a social media campaign called #StopSessions.

Rock The Vote is a nonprofit and nonpartisan group working to register young people to vote, and then get them out to the polls.  Officials with the organization say they are most concerned with Senator Sessions’ opinions on voting rights and his willingness to protect them.

Through social media postings and emails they are urging people to call their senators and tell them to oppose Senators Sessions’ nomination.  They also provide people with a sample script of what to say.

Some people on social media, though, are saying the organization is not being nonpartisan.  Jen Tolentino, Director of Civic Tech & Policy for Rock The Vote, says that’s not the case.

“When you’re an organization that is focused on including people in the political process,” she explained, “voting rights is a space that we should very clearly be engaged in.”

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