Alabama’s Walking Danger

Report Issued on Pedestrian Traffic Deaths

The group Smart Growth America is out with a report this week  about pedestrian deaths. You can see the Alabama portion of the report HERE.

The report breaks down the deaths that happened between 2003 and 2012 by county and city.

The Alabama County with the largest number of pedestrian deaths was Mobile….location of 144 of the total 723 state deaths during that period. All of the 144 happened in the city of Mobile.

Montgomery County reported 48 pedestrian deaths during that period. The City of Montgomery reported 68.

The report includes recommendations to make walking and bicycling less deadly, among them:

Congress should require states to set and meet goals that reduce the number of people who are seriously injured or die while walking and bicycling. That goal should be separate from the goal to continue significantly reducing the number of vehicle drivers and passengers who are seriously injured or die.

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