Selma City Schools Moving Forward After State Takeover

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma City Schools was taken over by the State Board of Education just about three years ago after an investigation uncovered academic and sexual misconduct in the district.

Today, the system is no longer under direct state control and school officials say the district continues to make progress.

The state listed five areas of concern to justify intervening in the district.

They included student safety, financial, human resource, academic integrity and accountability and governance issues.

A state intervention team came in and ran the district for just over a year.

“It kind of cleaned, cleared the house so to speak, but we still have tremendous strides that we have to continue to make,” said School Board Chairman Johnny Moss.

“The culture and climate of the school system has improved dramatically,” said Superintendent Dr. Angela Mangum.

“People have a mindset that all of what we do and the meaning of our work is to ensure that children have every opportunity in life.”

While local school officials now operate the district, the system remains under intervention and continues to be monitored by the state.

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