Butler Co. Civic League Hosts Annual Freedom Breakfast, Celebrates MLK Day

Hatcher speaks at the annual Freedom Breakfast.

More than 400 people came out to the Butler County Civic League’s annual Freedom Breakfast celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The BCCL held a traditional breakfast, served by Butler County’s Junior ROTC program. The Greenville High School Choir and Big Pine Level Church Devotional Team perfomed a few songs to entertain the guests.

The guest speaker for the event was Kirk Hatcher, a Special Consultant to the Alabama Democratic Conference. His main message was that the late Dr. King’s work isn’t done just yet, with a few ideas on how to continue that work. He was also pleased to see so many students and Butler County youth participating in the ceremony.

“The way you know that things are alive, that organizations are alive, that institutions are alive, is when you can hear the voice of young people.” he says.

He also hopes those at the event remember this isn’t a day to just be off from work and school, but a day to honor the work of Martin Luther King Jr.

“This is not a holiday where you just, take time off,” he says. “If nothing else, even if you’re not doing, you should be reflecting on… That life of service and how you can be a part of that change that he was seeking.”

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by James Earl Ray 49 years ago in Memphis, TN.

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