Staying Safe During Severe Weather

It’s good to learn a few new ways to stay safe during severe weather season. The Autauga County EMA is offering a few tips to help everyone stay safe.

There are several ways you can stay safe during tornados and other storms, such as always having an escape route planned and knowing the safest spots in your home. But EMA Director Ernie Baggett advises residents to stay as informed as possible when storms move through the area.

One way of getting information isn’t enough; Baggett says you need to have a backup notification plan, whether that’s alerts on a cell phone or a weather radio. The most important part is to stay safe, but Baggett says the best way to do that is to stay informed.

“Once you get that warning, immediately start trying to find out more information as to where that storm is. And then move to a safe place, try to get to where it’s safe,” Baggett says. “Best thing to do is kinda do those two things at the same time. That’s where those apps come in so handy. You can start moving to your safe place and then start getting the information.”