Montgomery Police Team Up With Feds For Gang Roundup

Montgomery Police teamed up with federal law enforcement to crack down on gangs in the city.

Thursday they announced 14 arrests, and they say more are coming.

Some of the cases go all the way back to the early 2000’s, and even include 2015’s Club Big Boyz shooting that left one man dead.

“When we talk about guns, when we talk about the shooting incidents we have, it’s a small number of folks committing these things,” said  Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley.

Finley joined U.S. Attorney George Beck and other members of federal law enforcement to announce the gang roundup.

The suspects allegedly come from several different gangs, including Crum Nation, Gangster Disciples, Hardy Boys, and the King Hill Murk Gang.

Chief Finley says these arrests focused on some of the more dangerous members.

“We’re talking about organizations where we identify some of these gangs in these particular areas. So we’re not talking low fliers, they’re heavy hitters that have an extensive record and it’s documented. So that’s why the US attorney is taking a stance. They’re really the worst of the worst,” said Finley.

The idea for a joint operation came about after several meetings last year. MPD teamed up with not only the U.S. Attorney but the FBI, ATF, and the Marshals Office.

U.S. Marshal Tom Hession says the take down went very smoothly, mostly because of the combined efforts of every agency.

“The egos are really stripped away. I may be an ATF agent or a US Marshal and that’s the agency I work for but the end game is taking these people off the street and everyone has the same mission,” said Hession.

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