Questions Surround Gov. Bentley’s Senate Appointment

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is now a senator after Governor Robert Bentley appointed him to fill the seat left vacant by Jeff Session.

Sessions was confirmed by the senate Wednesday night to be U.S. Attorney General.

Governor Robert Bentley spent the last several months whittling the short list of candidates from over 100, then down to 20.

Luther Strange beat out several state officers as well as current and former lawmakers for the job.

Bentley says he’s very qualified, and people on Capitol Hill already know him, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“I went by his office and the first person that he actually mentioned was Luther Strange. He named several people but the first one he mentioned was Luther Strange. So Luther is not a stranger in Washington,” said Gov. Bentley.

After the appointment, Strange and the governor flew immediately to D.C. so he could be sworn in immediately.

Now Senator Luther Strange served as attorney general for Alabama since 2011.

He says it’s bittersweet leaving the post.

“Being the Attorney General of Alabama has been the highest honor of my legal career. Governor, as you know, as citizens should know, we have some of the very finest people in the office of attorney general,” said Sen. Strange.

But there are some questions about the appointment.

The state house impeachment committee looking into the governor put its investigation on hold at the request of Luther Strange last November.

Lawmakers say his office was subpoenaing the exact same witnesses in a related investigation.

But Strange says that’s not quite right.

“We have never said and I want to make this clear. We have never said in our office that we are investigating the governor. I think it’s unfair to him and unfair to the process that it’s been reported out there,” said Sen. Strange.

Representative Allen Farley sits on that committee and he says this is very suspicious.

He told me that if Strange wasn’t investigating the governor, then what have they been waiting for these last 3 months?

He wants to restart the impeachment investigation as soon as possible.

Senator Strange will hold that office until next year when he’ll have to run again for the seat in a special election.

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