Looking Ahead to Chilton County’s Peach Season

Peaches are a southern staple, from the pies to the preserves. Chilton County has made a name for itself as being the Peach Capital of Alabama.

The Durbin Farms Market in Chilton County is still quiet ahead of the summer season. Farmers say a few peach trees have already started blooming, but a cold snap could be bad news for the crop.

The peach farmers have to have a happy medium with the chill hours; too cold and the plants don’t grow, not cold enough and
the trees don’t produce enough produce. They always go above and beyond to protect the peaches.

“We come really prepared,” says Durbin Farms Manager Colby Jones. “We have wind machines, turbines, we even have helicopter pilots that if need be, they come in and fly to keep the air flow, the air current moving in the fields. That helps keep the frost off them. We’ve even went out there with coal and burned fires to help keep the heat.”

Farmers think the peach crop will be just as good as last season’s, which is good for the peach lovers and Chilton County.

“If you go to Georgia, pretty much anybody can grow and tree and say they’re a Georgia peach farmer,” Jones adds. “While here in Alabama, Chilton County, that’s what we really pride ourselves on.”

The season opening for Durbin Farms is early May.

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