State Education Leaders Visit MPACT

State Education leaders are taking tours of career centers and schools across the state in the annual Career and Technical Education State Tour. The group visited the Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technology (MPACT) to see the students in action.

It was State Superintendent Michael Sentence’s first time visiting MPACT. He and the other education leaders walked through welding classes, electrical engineering courses, a carpentry lesson, and many more classes.

Sentance says he was impressed by the facilities and students, noting that he’d been in other career centers similar to MPACT but none were as impressive.

“We may be bringing in new programs in the future here, that are going to be aligned to kind of the knowledged based economy that we hope to see grow in Montgomery County,” he says.

“People go off to college and spend four years, and still don’t know what they want to do,” adds Montgomery Public Schools Career Tech Director Cindy Veazey. “So we hope that coming here, they can get an idea of what jobs are out there.”

Veazey also says three of the students enrolled in the technical courses have received jobs offers.

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