Residents Weigh in on the State of Montgomery Restaurants

Carrabba’s Italian Grill is another one of many restaurants to close on Eastern Boulevard. It joins Hooters, Macaroni Grill, and Wow Wings Sports Café on the list of failed Montgomery restaurants.

Just across the road from the failed Wow Wings is the Olive Garden, a restaurant that’s been in the area for years and shows no signs of closing. So what makes a successful restaurant?

Montgomery residents say it’s not just one thing that makes a place successful, it’s a combination of the food, service and of course, location.

“If you have people who care about what they do, and you have a good product, and you have somewhere where people are around you, that’s half the battle!” says Montgomery diner Jeff Cox.

“Restaurant business is very competitive. And you’ve just to consistently have great service, and a great product, and if you don’t and your location is iffy, that happens,” shrugs Leah Funderburk.

Funderburk and Cox also say they’d like to see a little more variety in restaurant choices too. They want to be able to eat across the globe while staying right here in Montgomery.

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