A Look Inside Montgomery’s Camp Hope

From the road, it doesn’t look like much, but in the woods, on the banks of the Alabama River you’ll find Camp Hope.  It’s home to five people who are homeless and living in tents.

“I’m not content living like this, I truly am not, I’d much rather have running water, heat and air,” explained James Spedding who has lived in the area off and on for about a year with his wife.

He has an Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is always looking for work, but says it’s not easy to convince someone to hire you when you don’t have a home or transportation.

“We have to go to the Chevron to go to the bathroom, or we have to go to the Salvation Army and get jugs of water to wash our dishes and drink with,” he shared.



Patrick Aitken with River City Church is now helping provide things like food and clothing to those living at Camp Hope.

“These people aren’t needy, some are working, they’re trying to get back on their feet, they don’t want to be there long term,” Aitken said.

If you’re interested in donating to Camp Hope contact River City Church.

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