Crash Report Released for Officer-Involved Crash

Alabama News Network has obtained a copy of the crash report for the officer-involved crash on February 17.  The crash happened on Woodley Road.

In the report, the other driver is identified as Mae Francis Williams, of Montgomery.  The report states that Officer Carlos Taylor was driving an unmarked car that was not equipped with emergency equipment.

The report states that Officer Taylor was traveling south on Woodley Road responding to a call with officers pursuing two men with a gun.  A witness stated that Officer Taylor’s car passed her at a very fast pace and that when he approached the intersection of Spring Valley and Woodley Road, he tried to pass a vehicle going through the intersection.  The witness also stated that as Officer Taylor was traveling through the intersection, he appeared to have seen the second vehicle involved in the crash.  He then applied his brakes, lost control of the car, crossed a turning lane and then hit Williams’ vehicle on the front driver side.

Officer Taylor’s vehicle came to a stop in the southbound lane facing north.  Williams stated she lost control and was pushed backwards into a small tree near the sidewalk.

The report also states that Williams was treated for injuries to her ankle in Birmingham.

Officer Taylor was taken to a Montgomery hospital where he was listed in critical condition.  Officials say his condition is improving.

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