John and Tommy Morning Show Celebrates Their 1st Year Back On Air At Y-102

If you grew up in Montgomery you’ve probably listened to these two on your morning commute. John Garrett and Tommy Fields of the John and Tommy morning show are celebrating their first year back on air at Y-102. The two were a dynamic duo here in the late 90’s, until they took a bit of a hiatus in 2003.

Tommy says “we  were apart for about 13 years then John called me up one day and said ‘hey you wanna do a morning show?’ and I was like….ok”.

The pair reunited at another station, then  “we were there for a little while then y102 called and said hey we wanna get you guys back over here where you belong, and so yeah we started here about a year ago” says Tommy

Since then, the they’ve been going strong with “all the hits”. John says “we didn’t know it was gonna be as big as it has gotten in a year, not to say were taking over the world ….yet but uh we figured it takes a while to kind of get a foot hold but it has actually come quicker than we thought and we’re very thankful for that.”

John and Tommy say that being back at Y-102 feels like home, and its great broadcasting to a new yet familiar audience.

John says  “It is weird because theres a phenomenon right now of older folks who listened to us when they were kids and so we’ve all grown up together “. Tommy adds, “its almost like a little reunion and its really fun to have people say ‘oh I grew up listening to you and now my kids listen to you'”.

A few things have changed since their first run, music of course and management. John and Tommy both agree that there’s no other place they’d rather be. Tommy says “I get up at 4:00 every morning John gets up a lot earlier than I do, so if it wasn’t worth it, we wouldn’t do it. You can catch the two on air every weekday morning from 6-10.


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