Bill Would Let People Carry Concealed Gun Without Permit

Alabama lawmakers are considering a controversial bill that would do away with the requirement of a conceal and carry permit.

Anyone who owns a gun could travel with that gun in their car or hidden on their person without any consequences.

This bill has raised a lot of questions, most notably from the law enforcement community.

While some say this promotes second amendment rights, not everyone is on board.

If you want to conceal a gun and go out into public, you need a conceal and carry permit from your sheriff’s office.

It only costs $20 in Montgomery.

But you might not need that for much longer.

“I think it’s a bad law and I don’t think it’s right for our community,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham.

He’s pushing hard for lawmakers to reconsider the bill.

Alabama lets anyone openly carry their firearm in public, but Sheriff Cunningham says this is different.

“I’m thinking about public safety and thinking about these ladies that work in convenience stores at night and have to wonder if someone’s coming in with a gun on him. I’m thinking about your kids working drive through restaurants that have to deal with people coming in with firearms and stuff,” said Cunningham.

He says it’s not law abiding citizens that he’s worried about. People will still need the conceal and carry permit for when they cross state lines.

“We’ve already allowed 18 year olds to carry firearms with the permit, the conceal and carry. So what we’re doing now, we’re saying at 18, if you get 18 years old you can get up and just put your gun under your shirt and walk around with it. That’s still a child that’s still a person that’s not thinking rational.”

Some people in Montgomery aren’t sure that the bill is a good idea. One man says it’s not necessary because of the bill of rights.

“If every man can bear arms under the second amendment, why do we have a bill that has to be passed for you to carry a concealed weapon,” said Dwone Harris.

“I’m leaning towards thinking that’s not a good idea. I do have a conceal permit. I do carry a pistol, but I don’t think i’m in favor of anyone getting a gun and openly carrying it without a permit,” said Charlotte Crane.

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