Greenville PD Arrests Two for Possession, Intent to Sell

Shamika McDonald (Left) and Akeem Thompson (Right) were arrested on possession charges.

Greenville Police say a tip from a confidential informant led to the arrest of two suspected drug dealers.

Lt. Joe Disnet with Greenville Police says the arrests happened during the investigation of a different crime.

“Sargent Hadley, he started all of it. He was investigating another case actually, investigating a burglary,” says Disney. “And in the process of that he ran across some of this information through some of his confidential informants and he was able to pick that up then, investigate it a little bit more, get more information, which led to the search warrant.”

Police gathered enough information to perform a search warrant on the apartment where they found almost an ounce of marijuana packaged into several small bags. Greenville Police arrested Shamika McDonald and Akeem Thompson on Possession and Intent to Sell charges Monday night.

Lieutenant Joe Disney says his police department depends on tips like this from the community.

“People that don’t even want anything out of it, will call us and tell us things. Because they want us to be able to solve the crimes that happen here in Greenville.”

As of Wednesday, Thompson was still being held in the Butler County Jail. McDonald was released on a $10,000 bond.

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