Man Arrested, Shot House Busted in Georgiana

Arthur Payton, 61

Butler County authorities arrested a man they say was running an illegal shot house in Georgiana.

Shot houses are known as places where alcohol can be bought at low prices, straight from the bottle. They are sometimes called “black market bars.”

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden says Arthur Payton, 61, was selling marijuana and alcohol out of his home on Washington Avenue.

“We get calls every now and then of different places running shot houses,” Harden says. “All of us working together, we try to put a stop to them. Because whenever you have a shot house, you have people start gathering up, then people start having fights.”

Gergiana Chief Carlton Cook says his department was getting multiple complaints on Payton’s home. Harden says the 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force, Georgiana Police Department and his deputies worked together to get enough evidence for a search warrant on Payton’s home. They served the warrant on Wednesday afternoon.

Harden says his men found almost $1,000 in cash, two loaded hand guns, numerous cases of beer and bottles of liquor and around $1,500 of marijuana.

Payton is facing charges of selling alcohol without a license, possession of alcohol with intent to sell, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and the illegal possession of a firearm.

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