New York Woman Highlights Montgomery on “Acts of Kindness” Trip Around the U.S


Mary Latham is on a road trip of a lifetime, meeting people that are committed to showing kindness to others in their own unique ways.
To find those stories, she’s asking people to submit them to  So far the trip has taken her to 13 states, living with people that are supporting the trip as hosts. She plans to visit each state in the United States.

“This entire trip is thoroughly exhausting and I’m driving to places where I have no idea where I am and staying the majority of the time with strangers,” says Latham

Her latest stop in Montgomery, takes her to “That’s my Dog” a hot dog establishment started by Charles Lee to give back to his community. Lee is also the founder of “That’s My Child” an organization that mentors area youth with the arts. Latham found lee after hearing his story from someone else in the area.

“Those were my only goals. I never expected someone to be like, “Hey, you know what I’m coming to Montgomery to interview you,” says Lee.

Latham  says the inspiration behind the journey is her mom, who passed away.

“She was a very positive person that was really kind of was focused on the good,” says Latham.

“I almost cried when she was just telling me her story. I almost cried because everyone has an individual purpose for being on this earth,” says Lee.

Latham’s goal is to feature each story she finds along the way in a book to bring healing and comfort to others.

“I’d like to donate them to hospitals. I sat in a waiting room when my mom passed away and there wasn’t really anything there and it was a really dark time for me,” says Latham.

She says it’s something that has been a ripple effect. The stories she’s heard on her trip have been an inspiration to her and hopefully will be to other people.

“You never know who you’re inspiring or who you’re helping really with little acts,” says Latham.

Latham’s next stop on her trip is in Tuscaloosa. Afterwards, she will be headed to Mississippi.

If you would like to submit your own “acts of kindness” story to her or follow her journey, visit

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