“Racist Propaganda” Found on Front Porches in Crenshaw County

Crenshaw County residents say they found this graphic image on their properties with information for a white supremacist group.

Some Crenshaw County residents say they came home Monday night to find strange, clear plastic bags on their property. The bags contained a small piece of paper with information leading to the website of a white supremacist group known to be affiliated with the Klu Klux Klan.

A family contacted local authorities soon after they found the flier, seeking help from their friend Elliot Jones, the county EMA director.

“What they brought into the office… For lack of better terms, it was disgusting,” he says.

The paper has a graphic image of what appears to be Uncle Sam, with the words “Suicide of the West” on the top of the page. At the bottom is a website and a phone number for the American Christian Knights. Authorities traced the phone number on the fliers to somewhere in Mississippi, where they believe the group is headquartered.

The family that brought the flier to Jones declined to comment, but did say they were afraid the placement of the fliers was a targeted act.

“We found that this was not an isolated incident,” says Jones. “No one was being targeted. This propaganda had been left all over different areas of the county.”

Both the mayor of Luverne and a deputy with the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office reported finding the same advertisements on their properties. Though the distribution of this propaganda may be random, Crenshaw County officials say it’s unwelcome.

“We’re not going to tolerate it. Period,” says Crenshaw County Sheriff Mickey Powell. “If we catch them, they’re going to have to answer to us. We don’t have any problems in Crenshaw County and we don’t want anybody making any issues or problems. Crenshaw County is a close knit community, everybody gets along, and we’re not going to tolerate this mess.”

“We just gotta take it and address it, see if we can’t fix it,” adds Police Chief Mike Johnson. “And let the communities know that we don’t want it either, we’re behind them as well. And I live here, I don’t want my children to find it and ask questions.”

Anyone who finds a flier like this is encouraged to contact their local Sheriff’s Office or Police Department and report it. Both Crenshaw County and Luverne City officials have turned over all the information they have been given to the Alabama Bureau of Investigations and the Attorney General’s Office.

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