Severe Storms Hit the River Region

The Alabama News Network Weather Authority Team has had a busy week tracking two storm systems that moved through the River Region.  Monday’s storm left widespread damage behind in the city of Luvurne.  The National Weather Service says an EF-0 tornado touched down and that there were straight line winds of up to 90 mph.


Wednesday’s storms started in the early morning and multiple waves moved across the state throughout the day.  The Screamer Community in Henry County was heavily damaged.  Meteorologist Elissia Wilson says these storms were very different.SOT

“Well on Monday it was more of a damaging wind threat as we had a wave or a line of thunderstorms to push through,” she explained, “and today the threat was more of a hail threat, we got some damaging winds out there but we had so many reports of hail.”

Wilson says that now is the time to make sure that you and your family have a severe weather plan in place.

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