Splendid Spring Weather Ahead says Future Forecaster Benjamin Hernandez

FANTASTIC FRIDAY: Today looks to be one of those days we may not see a cloud in the Alabama sky as we are expecting a cobalt blue sky full of sunshine. The winds will still be a bit brisk, and temperatures will be 4-8 degrees below average as highs will be around the 70° for most of us.

WONDERFUL WEEKEND WEATHER: As we end the work week and head into the weekend, we are going to see colder overnight temperatures as our sky will be clear and our winds will be light, lows in the 30s are expected by daybreak Saturday. After the chilly start, a splendid spring Saturday and Sunday are ahead as sunshine will be in full supply both days and our temperatures start a warming trend as the trough shifts east of the state. We will climb to mid 70s Saturday afternoon with highs closer to 80° Sunday. Certainly no weather issues this weekend across the state of Alabama.

INTO NEXT WEEK: The new work start off dry and very nice as our Monday will feature more sun and clouds and highs in the lower 80s. A weak surface boundary could bring the chance of a few showers late Tuesday into early Wednesday, but due to limited moisture, rain amounts should be light. Through the rest of next week, the pattern looks to remain inactive for once, and I will certainly take that after the busy past couple of weeks. Late Wednesday through at least Friday, look to be dry, with seasonal temperatures as highs should be in the upper 70s and lower 80s, and lows in the 40 and 50s. Enjoy the calm weather, because more active weather will return by the end of the month.

RED ELVEs OVER EUROPE: The season for exotic lightning is underway. On April 2nd, a photographer in central Europe photographed a ring-shaped ‘ELVE’ hovering above the countryside of the Czech republic. The luminous ring, measuring 300 km in diameter and located ~87 km above Earth’s surface, circled the top of an unusually intense thunderstorm far below. Red sprites danced around the circumference of the ELVE as the thunderhead shot pulses of electromagnetic radiation toward the edge of space. More of these upper atmospheric displays will surely be observed in the months ahead as spring and summer thunderstorms intensify.

Have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend!

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