Maxwell Air Force Base Wraps Up Air Show


Patrouille de France, a French Air force aerobatic team, hasn’t been in the United States in 31 years.

Sunday was the final day of the Maxwell Air Force Air Show. Tens of thousands of people came out over the weekend to celebrate this one of a kind event and a few special dates: the 70th birthday of the United States Air Force and the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into World War One.

An extra special team, Patrouille de France (The Patrol of France), came to the states to celebrate as well. This was the team’s first visit to the states in 31 years.  The French Aerobatics team used special red, white, and blue smoke generators to form symbols and patterns in the sky. The used their special talents to honor the brotherhood America and France share. The two countries’ air forces have been close allies since World War I.

“Remember that your country helps Europe to regain its freedom,” says Maj. Dubois Chrestophe, a leader of the French team. “And remember that from the states, the best ally for the United States is France.”

Maxwell Officials are hoping the people watching the shows realize just how important this connection between the two countries is.

Patrouille de France uses special smoke generators to spread the United States flag across the Montgomery sky.

“I’d like [the spectators] to remember that the world is not a safe place,” says Col. Douglas Demaio, the air show director. “We need our allies and we need our friends to go forward together to fight terrorism and those things – our adversaries – together and to make the world a safe place.”

Demaio isn’t sure Maxwell will host an air show like this next year; he says it takes at least two years to plan and organize the details for a show this scale. He is hoping to have another large air show like this on Maxwell Air Force Base in the future.

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