“My Daughter is Safe” – Mother of Missing Highland Home Teen

Myra Alissia Freeman’s mother claims she spoke with her daughter through a video chat on Monday. Freeman has been missing since December of 2015.

The mother of a missing Highland Home teen says her daughter reached out to her through a video chat.

Myra, also known as Alissia, Freeman went missing on December 13, 2015. Her parents say she was last seen taking out the trash in front of her Highland Home residence.

Vickie Metcalf, Freeman’s mother, says her daughter contaced her on Monday. Metcalf posted an update Monday afternoon on a Facebook page made to help find Freeman:

“We wanted to let you all know that we have talked to Alissia today.. Praise God!
She is safe and okay! We know you all will have lots of questions, but right now all we can say is that she is alright and that is what is most important.”

Crenshaw County authorities say they have not confirmed Metcalf’s claims that she spoke with her daughter through a video chat. They say the FBI is looking for Freeman in the area Metcalf believes her to be located, but they have not found her yet.

Sources also say Metcalf is on her way to see her daughter. Metcalf and her husband moved to Missouri after her daughter’s disappearance

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