Chestnut Wins House District 67 Seat

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People in House District 67 have a new state representative today.

Selma Attorney Prince Chestnut won the vacant District 67 house seat in a landslide victory on Tuesday.

Chestnut got 2896 votes in an election where 3052 votes were cast.

Chestnut says he’s eager to get over to Montgomery and get to work at the State House.

“I’ve got to learn first. I’ve got to crawl before I walk,” he said.

“I’m not, I guess, arrogant enough to think that I can walk in there and start pushing people around and getting things done as soon as I start.

There’s a culture there, I have to learn that culture. I have to connect with people,” said Chestnut.

“I have to learn what works, what doesn’t work and be a student of the game before I can master the game.”

House District 67 includes all of Dallas County and a portion of Perry County.

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