ALEA Prepares for Lake Season


Lake season is right around the corner and ALEA Marine Patrol troopers want to make sure you stay safe.

They are already seeing more people on the water as the temperatures continue to rise, but their staffing is at an all-time low.

“We’re spread very very thin and we’re in desperate need of more personnel,” explained Captain Jonathan Archer.

Right now there is only one trooper patrolling Lake Martin, ideally ALEA would like to have four troopers on the lake and this can lead to slower response times.


“Anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to be there if we don’t have anybody else on the lake and that’s if he’s at work because he can only work 40 hours, he’s got to have off days,” Captain Archer shared.

New ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor wants to change that soon but says it will take some time to get more troopers out on the water.

“They need help really bad on the water. Alabama has a lot of water and we need more patrols on the water and we’re working towards that,” Taylor said.


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