Group Supports Bill To Remove Conceal Carry Permits From Alabama

As the legislative session winds down to it’s last few weeks, a controversial gun bill is still making its way through the process.

The bill would remove the requirements of conceal and carry permits, letting anyone carry a gun however they choose.

While law enforcement have come out against the bill, others think it’s something this state needs.

Alabama is an open carry state, meaning you can carry a gun on your person in public as long as its visible.

You currently need a conceal and carry permit from your sheriff to wear it hidden, either on yourself, or even when you’re in the cabin of a car.

“When you get to a car if you don’t have a permit your instructed to unload that on the side of the road, place it in the trunk, then we you get to your destination you’re told you can open it back up and load it on the side of the street. That’d definitely not a safe thing to be doing,” said David Blackmon.

Blackmon is with Bama Carry, an organization supporting gun rights in the state.

He says states take advantage of the firearm community.

“The Second Amendment should not be, you shouldn’t have to pay for the right to bear arms. You don’t need a permit to go to church, you don’t have to have a permit to use your cell phone or exercise your freedom of speech. But they tag this one where they want to draw money for it,” said Blackmon.

Sheriff’s offices across the state are against the bill for several reasons. One is the cost, since the permits make up part of their budgets. But there’s also a public and officer safety issue.

Blackmon says there’s an easy way to fix that.

“If it was about an officer safety issue, the sheriff’s would offer this at cost, which is about dollar and a half a permit and allow anyone that qualifies for that permit to get a permit. And that would solve their officer safety issue if they thought that. But like I said this is about funding for the department.”

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