Falling Tree Cuts Selma Man’s Mobile Home in Two

Man Escapes Unharmed after Nearly Crushed by Falling Tree

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Selma man says he’s counting his blessings after a tree falls on his trailer and he narrowly escapes with his life.

Jimbo Jefferson says he’s glad to be alive after a tree in his back yard was up-rooted by strong winds Thursday morning and pushed onto his mobile home.

“The tree flattened a couch that I was sleeping on, on the end where my head and my chest would been. That would have been it. And then it almost got me on the deck too,” he said.

The deck is where Jefferson says he was having a cup of coffee after getting up off the couch.

He says the last thing he remembers is a sudden gust of wind — then everything going black.

“Never heard the tree fall. Never heard it hit.”

Jefferson says he was knocked unconscious by the falling tree and when he came to — he crawled over to his neighbor’s house to get help.

“I’m very lucky. Very lucky.”

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