Autism Bill Faces Uncertain Future in Senate

A bill that would mandate coverage of autism behavioral analysis therapy could be running out of time to pass this session.  It’s one that passed overwhelmingly in the House last month.


Senator Dick Brewbaker says he will fight for the bill but doesn’t know if Senate leadership will do the same.

“It’s just another example of how powerful the big mules are in Alabama politics,” he explained.

Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh says he’s optimistic about the bill’s chances if it makes it out of committee to the Senate floor.

“Will it please everybody?” he shared, “we rarely can do that but I think we’ve got something that may work.”

The bill hits close to home for Senator Cam Ward who has a daughter with autism.

“Well you’ve got 6 legislative days,” Ward said, “inn my opinion, if it comes out it needs to be on a special order calendar to be voted on. We have plenty of time to do that.”

The bill will be in committee tomorrow.  If it passes out of committee it could then be brought up for a vote in the Senate.


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