School Board Releases Timeline For MPS Intervention

We are learning more about the state takeover of Montgomery public schools after The Alabama State Board of Education met Thursday. The board laid out the timeline for the intervention.

As we’ve reported, the state is taking over 27 of Montgomery’s public schools. All of the school reviews will be completed by May 12,2017. The following week, May 16-18 , there will be a review of the audits.

A curriculum and instructional resources audit is set to begin in June after central office restructuring.  State superintendent Michael Sentance says “I see it as ‘right sizing’ the central office, making sure that we have the right people in the right positions. If they are over staffed in some areas, we either reallocate to another area or  we cut the position and re-purpose the funds”.

School teams will complete school specific-improvement plans with reviewers on the week of July 17,2017. There is also a financial and efficacy audit in progress. By June, 30th a comprehensive budget amendment for 2017-2018 will be provided.

As for the schools themselves officials outlined ‘school facility readiness’ as part of their plan. They’ll be working throughout the Summer to make sure buildings are clean and ready for students on the first day of school.

The timeline also mentions also includes content specific teacher development and training. A  two -day standard/content institute is being planned for MPS teachers during the first week in August.

Lastly the timeline outlines a Parent and community engagement strategy. this approach is will “kick-off with school-based community meetings in the fall and will address community concerns with transparency and active involvement in the intervention process”. Each school will individually determine what this means for their school.

Intervention teams also say they’ll meet with the Montgomery public schools monthly.


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