Selma Couple Offers Reward to Find Stolen Pit Bull Puppies

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Selma couple is searching for four pit bull puppies they say were stolen from their home and they’re offering a cash reward for the safe return of the puppies.

Robert and Catherine Gordon say they rescued a pregnant pit bull that had eight puppies, and now half of them are gone.

“We’re just sick about it, just sick about it. I mean its heartbreaking,” said Robert. “And trying to raise these little puppies up, we already had homes for some.”

They say the puppies are only five weeks old and much too young to have been taken away from their mother.

“That is a huge risk, said Catherine. “We were waiting until that time to get them certain shots. So, they haven’t had shots that will keep them from getting sick and dying.”

The couple is putting up flyers all over town and they’re even offering a cash reward in an effort to find the puppies.

If you have information call (334) 875-2400 or (334) 327-9834.

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