MPD Conducts Car Security Checks to Cut Down on Crime

The Montgomery Police Department is conducting car security checks around the city in hopes of cutting down on crime.  When an officer performs a check they survey your vehicle to check for unlocked doors or windows.

“I don’t see anything of value so I’m just going to go right here and manually lock this door,” Officer C. M. Scott explains what she does after finding an unlocked door.

Officers are also looking for any valuables that may catch a criminal’s eye.  Once they finish the check they leave a slip on your windshield explaining any security risks they found.

“If they say well this door was unlocked then I have to make sure that all of my doors are locked or all of my windows are up, anything to make sure that I’m being safe,” shares driver Pamela Kelly.

Others, though, say it would be best for their cars and belongings to just be left alone.

“It makes me uncomfortable because it is really none of their business what I got in my car at that time if I’m not in it,” adds Ronnie Byrd.

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