Pike County Sheriff’s Department Implements Offender Watch

There’s a new way for people in Pike County to find out if a sex offender lives nearby.

“This system going through the offender watch notification system is more efficient way to notify the public of sex offender activity,” says Ryan Ellis of the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.

Unlike the Pike County Sheriff’s current website that pin points where sex offenders live, this system also allows the public to register addresses for free to receive email alerts on offenders in the area.

“They can track offenders and get notifications if one moves within a quarter mile or up to a two mile radius,” says Ellis.

Officials say the system also shows if an offender lives near schools or churches. With real-time updates, it allows the public to stay informed constantly unlike the department’s flyer mail outs.

“It’s faster, more efficient, and more cost efficient for the citizens of the county and tax payer dollars,” says Ellis.

Officials believe the system, is vital because citizens have the right to know who may be living near them that could pose a threat to their families.

“Offender watch coincided with our website is pretty much a well-rounded information system for the general public,”says Ellis.

Right now, there are more than 25 counties in Alabama using Offender Watch.

You can access Pike County’s system at the following link: www.communitynotification.com/al/pike

The Pike County’s sheriff’s department is: www.pikecountyalsheriff.com/

If you have any questions about Offender Watch, you can contact the department at (334) 566-4347.

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