Montgomery Police Department Honors Its Fallen Officers

This week is national police week. Nationwide many are honoring the service and sacrifice of U.S. law enforcement officers.
Wednesday morning Montgomery Police Department honored its fallen officers.

Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley stood along side Mayor Todd strange and Attorney General Steve Marshall to recognize and honor the city’s brave men and women in blue, who died in the line of duty.

Chief Finley says “this memorial day is just that recognition for the fallen officers and their families and everybody that was touched by those officers while they were here”.

Attorney general Steve Marshall adds “we saw family members here today whose names and loved ones were on that monument and none of us can completely appreciate what they’ve suffered or lost but at the same time we can acknowledge it, we can respect it, and to tell them that their loved on is not forgotten”.

Michael Colley’s brother, David Colley died in a car crash on his way to a call in 2015. Colley says that at similar memorials l”you meet all these families that are in the same situation as you, whether it’s their brother, sister , mother father, just knowing that you’re not the only one, is really  helpful, its really comforting”.

Officials also thanked officers in attendance, for their daily sacrifice. Marshall explains “I don’t think that we completely appreciate the fact that day and night 24/7, regardless if it’s a holiday or what the time of day it is, their out their trying to make us safe.”

He says that its something that should be done more often. He adds “every day they leave their families, not knowing whether they are going to be guaranteed to come home, no other profession other than our military has that same obligation and we need to show as a community that we appreciate that”.

Each year our nation loses between 140-160 law enforcement officers in the line of duty.


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