New Demopolis High School Sign A Symbol of Cooperation

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A project twelve years in the making becomes a symbol of the dedication and togetherness of the students of Demopolis High School.

A new electronic marquee sign has just been installed this week at Demopolis High School.

Raising the money to pay for the project has been an on-going effort for every senior class at the school since 2004.

Sylvia Clayton is the 2017 senior class president.

“Its an honor to finally like, have the privilege to finally make it happen, to get that electronic sign put there now,” said Clayton.

School officials say the new sign stands as a symbol of cooperation and commitment.

“Any time that you can bring numerous entities together within an organization working for one common thing that’s a good thing,” said principal Blaine Hathcock.

The old Demopolis High School sign has been moved on campus and placed directly in front of the main building at the high school.

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